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10 Signs and Symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder

In a proposed diagnosis for the DSM-V, Hypersexual Disorder is defined as a “sexual desire disorder with an impulsivity component.” In 2010, the American Psychiatric Association released a draft of symptoms that may define sex addiction, formally known as Hypersexual Disorder. Since Hypersexual Disorder is a relatively new disorder, it would be interesting to learn more about its signs and symptoms, such as obsession with sex, excessive use of phone sex services, and frequent one-night stands. Read on to get the full list of signs and symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder!

10. Excessive masturbation

Get rid of Masturbation
source: carediscussion.com

Excessive masturbation is one of the most common early sex addiction signs. PsychCentral reports that it’s about how you’re living your life instead of how often you masturbate. As long as masturbation remains simply a part of your life and does not take over daily activities, then you don’t have a problem. People with Hypersexual Disorder often masturbate to escape problems in their lives or relationships, and they usually masturbate during other sexual activity, like viewing pornography or talking to a phone sex operator.


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  1. I honestly can’t get passed the unnecessary click to ‘Next”…..feels like clickbait.

    Just….write an article…

    Formatting is so important, and it feels like it was utterly overlooked here. But I personally can’t stand this new trend in “click to see next page” “Slide” style of article. Just feels disjointed and immature. Not saying the Author is immature, but they could have presented exactly the same information, in a more straight forward manner.

    As to the content, I only got to ‘slide’ 3…

    I feel like there is definitely a really great article hiding in here among all the pages and pictures. Perhaps a little more time in execution would improve the overall impact of this topic in particular. It is a very heavy, deep topic, and it could potentially open some doors of understanding and acceptance for a lot of people. Sexuality is a major factor in our lives as humans. It’s effects are both very general, and also very specific.

    Again, on this topic in particular, a more, traditional approach would have benefited the Author and the article as a whole.

  2. Very interesting topic. The author provides numerous examples and utilizes logos and pathos to establish their argument.

    Not to mention, I am fascinated by some of the information this article provided. It is well stated and easy to understand. Hyper-sexual disorder or sex addiction is a serious condition and articles like this help readers to understand what it is and how it disrupts individuals who are experiencing the disorder. Better understanding of this disorder is needed in order to eliminate stigma that surrounds it and articles like this really help.

  3. i think the social stigma that all this symptoms carry, its an added weight to the sufferer of the disorder, wich migth worsen depending on the social background, as mentioned, when the patient is devoutly religeous, it will become a feedback loop between feeling ashamed and wanting the next “fix”.
    A very serious disorder indeed.

    i would love to read more about how this condition migth develop or be treated in the future. 🙂

  4. Hypersexual disorder is not sex addiction. Everything you have listed here is sex addiction. Hypersexual disorder is usually trauma-based and deals with negative emotions. This was published two years ago, so hopefully, your views have been corrected.

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