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24 Hours In A Day: How To Be Productive

Of course, flexibility exists because none of us lives the same life; however, 24 hours really is not that much time when you are a busy person. Trust me, I can relate. Sometimes I feel like I wake up, unconsciously stream through an entire day and do not return to my body until bed. Fact is, if you are anything like me, you can live a very productive, very busy life and not have consistent mental breakdowns. A.K.A., you will not be crazy (at least not in public).

Starting from the beginning, according to the National Sleep Foundation, 7-9 (averaging it to 8) hours in roughly the amount of sleep needed for adults 18 to 64 (Klein, 2015). Before even starting your productive day, you have already spent one third of your day.

Next is another eight hours spent at work or school, or a combination of both if you are like me. Need to say no more; this is probably where most of your production exists as well as stress. According to Everest College, 83% of Americans have work stress (Huffington Post, 2013).

So after another eight hours gone, how do you fit everything else into the only eight hours left in your day? Simple, organize and prioritize everything on your daily to-do list, but do not forget a vital to-do most people forget, have time for yourself.

Giving yourself “me time” even if it is only for ten minutes is enough a few times a day to re-balance yourself. It gives you time to recheck your to-do list, add things, delete things, re-prioritize, or simply just breathe and take in the scenery you are moving too quickly to enjoy. Understand you are not alone; your health and freedom is just as important as all of your priorities.

For me, “me time” includes scrolling through Tumblr and pinning on Pinterest, but maybe for you it’s just getting a coffee, fixing your makeup, or texting people who make you smile other than texting your boss. Whatever “me time” is for you according to Woman’s Day, “me time” has many benefits including improving focus, achieve goals, and get a better night’s sleep (Mannino, 2011). So do yourself a favor, place a little bit more “me” in those 24 hours. 

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24 Hours In A Day: How To Be Productive