Psych2Go started with the vision of making psychology accessible for everyone. As a psychology student myself, I started blogging on Tumblr sharing psychology factoids, quotes, memes, infographics and articles.

Over a year or so, the content started picking up by other influencers, now amassing us an audience of over 1 million. One of our videos were also recently featured on The Huffington Post (March 9, 2017), as well as one article also being cited by The Washington Post (2016).

For advertisers, here are our social media stats:

Website traffic ( : 800K + visitors a month, 2 page-views per reader, 62% are from United States, 10% from United Kingdom, 6% from Canada, 4% from Australia and rest are everywhere else.

Our audience are 71% 18-24 , 18% 25-34, 5% 35-44, 3% 45-55.

Primarily individuals who are finding us through our social media channels. Roughly only 10% of our traffic are from search engines.

Here is a break down of our social media statistics (excluding our affiliate network).

Youtube: 230, 000

Tumblr: 1, 300, 000

Email list: 35, 000.

Facebook: 2, 000, 000.

Do send us an email if you would like to inquire a more detailed media kit:

We offer banner ads, sponsored articles, social media shoutouts, sponsored videos through CPM bidding or flat rate (1day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year agreement).

Banner Ads: 750 x 422, 728 x 90 (standard leaderboard above fold; the ones you see now on the top of our every article), 300 x 250 (below content). 300 x 600 (skyscraper on the side of articles).

Sponsored Articles: This is where we write a whole page article featuring you and your product.

Sponsored Videos: This is where we embed your video into one of our relevant articles.

Social Media Shoutout: Naturally, this is already part of the package with any of the above deals as we will do our best to distribute the content across our platforms. However, if you want a unique shoutout directly to an article or landing page on your site, then that’s a separate arrangement.

We also offer in-link promotions where we embed a link into a keyword on our article to your site or product. We also offer Youtube video promotions where we put your videos onto one of our articles to help drive up your channel’s subscription or exposure. We also do product or service review where we designate someone on the team to try out your service or product and write an article about it.

Feel free to inquire us for our full media kit and rate here:

This is our official mascot for Psych2Go. You will see find him across our Youtube Channel that’s reached over 10 million people. He’s a superstar now.

Also, according to MailMuch, a plugin we use to capture leads, state that 26% of marketing relies on influencers. People go to influencers to get words out about their products or services compared to all other distributions.