If you need an enormous motivating shove to carry out good deeds, science has found you the golden push.

The evergreen notion that “nice guys (and girls) finish first” has finally been supported by Canadian researchers. However, in a dog eat dog world, is being nice a costly trait that can hinder one’s potential to level up?

The answer is no.

Basically, science concludes that the more kind you are, the more sex you’ll be gifted.

All hail science, am I right?

In one study, 800 people were interviewed about their sexual history and how often they participated in charity work, blood donation, aiding strangers across the street and other altruistic-like behaviors.

Not fully trusting these participants’ level of honesty, researchers conducted a more accurate study to test their hypothesis (Molnar, n.d.). In this study, 524 college students were questioned about their sexual participation and asked a question tailored to measure their level of altruism. The question was: “if you won $100 would you donate it all to charity, keep all of it, or give some to charity and keep some?”

Both studies reported that those who are more kind had a higher sexual history: casual sex, long term relationship sex, martial sex, etc. (n.a., 2016).

Why do these do-gooders have a special advantage in the sexual world?

It’s common knowledge that, from an evolutionary standpoint, women are attracted to men who possess resources and are generous with those resources. In hunter-gatherer cultures, a man’s ability to return to his tribe with an abundant amount of meat equates him to being a much more viable partner. Generosity goes hand in hand with being altruistic.

“It appears that altruism evolved in our species, in part, because it serves as a signal of other underlying desirable qualities, which helps individuals reproduce,” says lead researcher Professor Steven Arnocky (Engle, 2016).

Therefore, being kind is a biological imperative.

What about the dating impression that women are attracted to bad boys?

My juvenile self is embarrassed to admit that I’ve previously committed to jerk-like guys, while brushing off the nice ones.

“There is a common phrase that ‘nice guys finish last’ and it is absolutely untrue,” Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach, tells Bustle. “Timid guys finish last… Women are not attracted to bad boys, they are attracted to confidence, ambition, humor, kindness, intelligence and emotional availability.”

“But our overly broad use of these traits tells us that: confidence goes hand-in-hand with arrogant and loud; ambition goes hand-in-hand with rich, controlling, and selfish; and kindness and emotional availability go hand-in-hand with weak and even effeminate.”

Armstrong goes on to say that these generalized notions make us think that if one is confident and ambitious, they cannot possibly be, at the same time, kind and emotionally available (Howard, 2016).

All this adds up to a pretty crystal clear conclusion: if you want to get a little, consider giving a little. Make efforts to be a better human being. Not only will it contribute to a less awful world, it might just help you get some action.

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