If you’re volunteering your time to help Psych2Go out with editing, here are the following guidelines we’d like you to adhere to:

  1. Focus on the intro. Is is catchy enough? Is the hook strong and concise? Does it tell the readers why the writer is writing on that topic? Does the hook provide enough context for why the readers should care and who the article is for?
  2. Did the author categorize the article into either one of the following pieces?
    1. ListiclesResearch SummariesPersonal narratives, Illustration/Comics
    2. Is it clear the author followed the guidelines? Is it clear which format the article is in?
    3. Can a reader tell right away  if they were reading one of our articles and the Psych2Go name wasn’t on it, would they be able to figure it out that’s our style of work?
  3. Is there a tone/consistent voice in their articles relative to all of Psych2Go?
  4. In terms of content substance, could the article have been deeper and more informative?
  5. On a grade out of 10, what would you give the piece?


These are the questions you should be exploring as you are doing your editing work or feedback. In terms of actual direct editing, you are allowed to edit the piece of the author. 

This will probably be faster than if you were to give the author feedback and wait for them to make the changes.

Also, at the end of the article,  you are allowed to add a credit to yourself: Edit by: Your name in the foot note.

After you’ve edit 3 or more pieces, I’d like to debrief with you and see if we can move you to a paid position. For now, treat this role as probation or voluntary. I will provide your reference if needed in the future.

Your contribution helps:

  1. Further content quality (helping readers enjoy their experience and get more from the article)
  2. Helps our vision in making psychology a more accessible thing.
  3. Helps create mental health resources for those in need.

You are making a difference, and we are not profiting from this. A lot of the fundings we get from magazine sales or so forth, goes back to producing more content.