If you’ve recently got accepted into Psych2Go to publish content, here are the basic editorial standard from us:

Basic Writing Standard.pdf

Who you are writing for?

Keep in mind this description when you are writing your article.

You’re writing for someone¬†between the ages of 13-25 who are interested in learning more about psychology and applying psychology to their lives. Topics that resonate most with them are on personal narrative (own struggles or stories related to mental health and recovery), practical tips in the form of listicles (10 ways to get over a crush), new research findings (such as a studying technique), mental health, and studying advice.

When writing, make sure to keep the following reader in mind. Iterating twice because it’s that important.

Imagine yourself speaking to someone you just met online and they haven’t studied psychology. But they ask you what it is and how can it be used. Your goal is to convey that to them.

How you choose to convey the information to them is up to you.

Types of articles We Go For:


Summaries of Research

Comics or Illustrations


Personal narratives