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The Effect Of Music On Productivity

Can listening to music make your productive?

That question, as simple as it sounds, is still hugely contested.

The evidence in the yes camp is quite convincing. It isn’t the music itself, the argument goes, but rather the improved mood your favourite music brings that is the source of this bump in productivity.

Music in the major key, interestingly enough, has better results.

On the flip side, in another study, over 50 employees working on basic computer tasks were found to be more productive when there was no music playing over the same period tested with music.

The choice of music is another hotly debated topic. Everything from metal, rock, pop to ambient and classical music can work, depending on what floats your boat.

Personally, I think music has a MASSIVE impact on productivity.

Here’s an infographic I put together for the 12 ways music make your more productive. Enjoy 🙂

12 Ways That Music Makes You More Productive At Work


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  1. First of all, the way the article was written seems off to me. But content-wise, i couldn’t agree more to it. I’m a music lover. I don’t think i can ever survive without music. I can say music is my life. And i truly agree it has a great impact on productivity, especially when you listen to fast beat songs because it instantly lifts up your mood. Listening to slower beats will either lets you focus even more or make you relaxed and sleepy. Nonetheless, music is a helpful tool. It will never not be used, and will never not be helpful in any instances.

  2. Speaking from my own experience, I think it depends on the activity. If it’s a repetitive, boring task, music energizes you and can make you more productive. On the other hand, if you want to study or need to really concentrate, music won’t help you.

  3. This article is a great biased piece that does a very well job of giving reasons why music makes you more productive; however I would have liked to see some researching backing the claims of the author. I do think music an make you more productive but I think it can also stifle your productivity. If you ask me theres more variables that influence productivity to ever accurately measure this statistic. A person’s mood and energy level have to be taken into accountability if you ask me.

  4. This was a very straight forward article and I found the 12 ways music makes you more productive to be a bit of an eye opener to me at certain points. I’ve never really thought about the effects music has on making one more sociable, but from reading the description it does make a bit of sense. However I think adding more evidence would make this article better supported. There is much more to the study of how music effects the brain and I enjoy seeing articles that bring more awareness to this.
    Overall it was a great topic idea to pick, but in the future it would be nice to see more supported facts from outside sources.

  5. Interesting and fresh way to read about the effects of music on productivity. The information being displayed in such a way could definitely interest someone who perhaps isn’t well versed in psychology, and who perhaps, would think a large chunk of information written in plain text to be tedious to read.

    I would have liked to have a bit more tangible reasons as to the points mentioned above; how it has been researched that the brain does indeed ‘light up’ with activity when listening to certain types of music and such. As well as perhaps put in a few counter arguments, seeing as how the title informs the reader that there will be points on the overall effects music has on productivity, and not merely the positive effects.

  6. Being the person who has her headphones on more often than not, this article was an interesting read.

    The infograph is eye-catching and it explained everything in an easy to understand fashion but, the aspect of music acting as a catalyst seemed biased as you did not mention the downside of listening to music while working.

    As I myself have noticed that at times silence helps more than drums beating in the background so, maybe you should have focused on that and some methods which would prevent from music acting as a distraction.

  7. I think you did a great job with the infographic: its well designed, stays on topic and eye-catching.
    Saying that, I find it rather bias as you lean more on the ‘music is good for productivity’ side as you never fully put your attention why would music doesn’t necessarily improve productivity.
    Next time, I hope you could provide a more substantial argument that digs a bit deeper on the complexities of psychology.

  8. An interesting article, and a neat infographic. The article is very much for the idea that music helps with productivity, however, it would have been interesting as well to read the counter argument on how music doesn’t help with productivity.
    It would help the article if there were contrasting facts that could juxtapose the arguments you are making for the positive effect of music on productivity. It could help your arguments, as well as show both sides of the debate.
    While the infographic was neat and colorful, it would be better if you added the sources in footnotes so that people could properly trace back where exactly the statement got its facts and details from. Additionally, in-text citations can be tedious, but they are necessary. Providing links to the articles referenced is helpful, but giving the details in your article would further improve it and make your arguments more sound. There are little to no details that explain and expand on how exactly music improves the mood, how people who listen to music work better than people who don’t, or even why the effect of music on productivity is being debated.
    Lastly, there are a few grammatical errors that would benefit some revision, especially the opening statement. Some sentences are awkward to read and should probably be rephrased as well.
    But overall, an interesting topic and a nice infographic!

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The Effect Of Music On Productivity