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Hello Brother!

What is your opinion about Men’s Fashion? If you feel men need not have any sense of latest fashion – sorry – you are far away from today. Yes – there was a time the word “fashion” was phew-phewed by gentlemen. But the bubbling youth of today is keepings his eyes and mind wide open, to learn about every word published in Fashion Magazine For Men and flips through many a Men Online Magazine and Men Magazine through AMDMODE.com (http://www.amdmode.com/) the Fashion Rendezvous for Men.

Why at all men should care about fashion? A good question indeed. The world over, the word is meant for the fairer sex – young and old alike – to look glamorous; stand out of the crowd and catch some “second glances” from onlookers – men especially.

But the world has changed a lot though. In a competitive world, where millions of men are vying with each other, to establish themselves in various fields, the look, appearance, attire, style, status, lifestyle and habits of an individual mean a lot. Reasons of mere glamour and eye-catching from others, like the womenfolk, take a back-seat really and this is factual.

If you are interested in peeping into the world of knowledge about Men’s fashion, and acquire more information and details – well – it is just in your finger-tips. Just go online and land into AMDMODE.com. Sure thing you will be pampered with floods of information – all hot from the oven!

Want to know what other men in the world use to express their “fashion-statement” through their Cars; Books; Gadgets; Watches; Dress; Fragrances and a lot more? The facts are lining up in the pages and parade before you.

May be you want to get guided about the latest paraphernalia, exclusively manufactured for stylish males and “manly” figures. No worries – open up the “Fashion Guide” published at AMDMODE.com. You will be very reluctant to close the page and come out to the real world, once you enter.

A plethora of items are glittering – each unique in its own way – to attract your attention and catch your mind, to know them full-well.

The inherent man inside you is always craving for attracting Appearance. And you know your plusses and minuses. At the “Appearance” Section, you will find immensely educating tips for beautification of your body-features; grooming tips and aids along with their illustrative pictures, details where to get and how to use them etc.

Talking of your Personality and Appearance, can we afford to forget your health? No way – because “Health is Wealth” and enables you to be active and vibrant always. Take the useful tips published there alongside, about your Health and Diets that keep you fit as a fiddle.

The purpose of life is to enjoy and pursue pleasure wherever it is available. In the “Lifestyle” Section, view the world of Arts, Destinations of the world where you could feel completely happy; Hotels to stay with comfort, convenience and luxury; Restaurants to taste tongue-watering recipes and tips as How to be “professional” in these places of pleasure etc.

Oh! The list is really long Folks! Just click http://www.amdmode.com/ – you will find in the middle of Men’s Fashion World out and out!



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  1. Like the other commentators have already said this article does a poor job of persuading the reader to pay more attention to Men’s Fashion and has very little to do with psychology in general. However, there were some good points that could have been further researched and elaborated on. Examples include the negative image associated with men being into fashion and the importance of fashion for men in all aspects of their life. These points are not very commonly discussed and could have been very interesting and informative to many readers male or female.
    Additionally, if the website was suggested at the end of the article or with some well-researched examples, instead of mentioned every time a new point was introduced, it would have been more of an interesting addition instead of a not so subtle advertisement.
    With all that said, the passion that you seem to have for this topic is quite commendable.

  2. Masculinity is fragile and so is this attempt at promoting a website. Just say your site is about men’s fashion and go. Men’s fashion wasn’t even discussed in this article. It’s just an attempt to ease more gender stereotypes on by. If you want people to be interested in men’s fashion how about talk about it with dignity instead of like its something weird and should be spoken of in such ways.

  3. I clicked to read this article waiting to learn more about a topic that hasn’t been discussed so often. I was really interested and excited but after the first paragraph I was just disappointed and maybe even a little bit annoyed. If the article was taken out of it’s context it would be really hard to recognize as a psychological article. For me it seemed more like a sponsored advertisement. Of course it incidentally handles the main topic but only through advertising the site. Also the style and the tone of the text isn’t as professional as I would expect it to be if it’s really supposed to be a psychological (or even related) article.
    After all it’s a really good start. I only wish we could have gotten more into the topic itself.

  4. While the topic that’s being proposed sounds interesting, the article does a poor job of both hooking the reader in, and convincing them to pay closer attention to their fashion and appearance.
    The topic of men’s fashion and piquing men’s interest in fashion is a good idea for study. Men are expected by society to showcase an appealing appearance while at the same time berating them for taking interest in “girly” things such as fashion and beauty products. Although there have been leaps in educating men that self-care is important and being interested in fashion or beauty products are nothing to be ashamed of, a lot of men still struggle with some of the prejudice that society can hold against them for not sticking to the ideal hyper masculine image they try to sell.
    The website, AMDMODE.com sounds like a website that could help men be more comfortable with talking and learning about fashion and beauty, however, the article does poor job of conveying this to the reader. The whole piece sounds too much like an advertisement instead of an informational/educational piece. The article talks about how AMDMODE.com can help men be more familiar with dressing tips and beauty secrets, but the article fails to talk about how exactly knowing such things will help men be more confident in their daily lives, and why it would be beneficial for them in the first place. It would be great if the article went more in depth on how exactly AMDMODE.com could help men be more fashionable, and how it would benefit them.
    I’m curious if the site discusses any scientific reasoning behind looking good, or the psychological effect it can have on both men and the general public. If so, those should have been mentioned in the article.
    Lastly, there a quite a few grammatical errors that make the piece a bit hard to read, and some sentences require revision because their phrasing sounds awkward and broken. In the opening, explain why men are becoming increasingly aware and conscious of their fashion choices as time goes by, and what does it mean for their life (career, relationships, friends, etc) in general.

  5. … This really sounds more like a promotional ad than a psychology article. Which is really a let down, because I was honestly hoping to see something interesting here. This could have delved into so many topics – like the psychology of how people present themselves to others using fashion, or how pressure from fashion magazines affects men psychologically. And a lot of it was written very poorly grammar wise, almost like English isn’t your first language? There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s true, I’d just suggest finding an editor. And I’m all for fun writing styles and jokes, but like I said, the way this is worded really does sound more like an infomercial than a professional article.

  6. Interesting topic for an article. I agree with you that many people are not informed on the topic that men could also lead fashion-foward lives, but perhaps your article could have included the different psychological aspects of the topic of magazines for men instead of just advertise different websites that do not correlate with the purpose of this particular website. Your article could have also been proofread for check of grammatical errors and proper punctuation. Interesting article, just not the topc of this website.

  7. Alright, so – what was I supposed to take away from this? As someone who identifies as a woman? Actually, what are men supposed to take away from this? How has reading this supposed to influence our lives and make us think look at a bigger picture?

    Your article does not. It’s constantly attempting to brainwash us that “Men need fashion!!” “Check out this site!!” It’s more of an advertisement than an article about psychology, funny – isn’t that we’re all here for? Honestly, not only that but your writing is cheesy and unprofessional. You lost me in the very beginning, which is something you don’t want to do. You do not want to lose your readers, you need them to grasp your argument until the very end. Oh wait, what argument? The “look at this website!!” argument?

    I could understand being sponsored by this website, but you need a lot of work on how to write an article for your audience.

    • Tami, I think you make really great points. I do believe there was a message to be taken from this article, but I also feel it came off more as and advertisement rather than a psychology article.

      My perspective on this piece was attempting to make male fashion normalized and fun, as we live in a culture that has expected gender norms for men to not care about their fashion choice, grooming and appearance.

      As someone who identifies as female, I think this article was more directed towards those who identify as male, I think the take away females can take away from this is the social norms gender play in fashion and how this effects male fashion norms. Social norms affect females and men fashion and appearance in different ways, the should and should nots.

      I do think the article could use this description of social norms and why it’s important for sites like this to exist for men. As well as explaining there is no shame to desire to learn grooming tips, fashion outside of the masculine expected norm and a variety of fashion choices.

  8. Oh cool! This is definitely a topic I’ve never given a lot of thought to.
    A couple of quick notes for you:
    While this is surely a valid topic to write an article about, it doesn’t seem to be related to psychology, which is the focus of this site. People have done this before on here, and usually there are ways that they can bring it back to psychology. But with your topic, I’m really not sure how to make this a psychological issue.
    Secondly, while it’s definitely great to have your own writing style, it’s also important to keep a certain degree of professionalism. I was always taught that this is vital in writing public pieces; even if you have no idea what you’re talking about, you should make the audience feel like you do with the illusion of professionalism.
    Lastly, you have just a couple of typos, such as turning “maybe” into “may be”.
    That’s all! Thanks for writing!

    • Meredith,

      Great point, I do believe this is related to psychology, however the author missed it by not explaining it.

      Bases on social gender norms and expectations, it’s been difficult for men to express a desire and interest in fashion and grooming and upkeep. Most male appearance is expected to be strong, built, laid back, athletic, but sites like the one the author mentioned expresses different style choices that men have options.
      I do agree that the author could have been more professional in their piece, I do think part of the charm though is normalizing the interest men can have in fashion.

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