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Feeding Your Soul

I’ve just been thinking about the saying “you can’t be happy with someone else until you’re happy with yourself.” If that statement isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is. Have you ever tried to be happy with someone else while being completely miserable within yourself? It is nearly impossible to fix internal problems with an external solution. As humans, we tend to think that people can be the key to our happiness, completely disregarding that if that person leaves, you’re alone and unhappy again.

In my opinion, we should all learn to completely indulge in ourselves. We need to fall in love with our entire being before daring to try and love another soul. Our hearts could be damaged and yes, a charming person could come along, sweet talk us, and make us feel whole again. Almost completely filling the void in our chests that keep us up at night. BUT, what happens if that relationship doesn’t work out and that person is removed from our lives? We get left confused and pushed back to the beginning where the void is unfilled and we feel lonely again. This is where the importance of being happy alone comes in.¬†I’ve often read on different websites that some people think a relationship will solve all of their other problems. In my eyes, this is extremely wrong. I believe that we need to feed our own souls what it’s craving. We should learn ourselves inside and out. Finding inner peace is also a huge part of this. You have to explore yourself and dig deep to figure out what really makes you happy. Not just what makes you smile for a few seconds, but figure out what makes your soul feel full. Explore your likes and dislikes.


Do you have a happy place? A place you can go to that¬†ultimately makes you feel lighter. Maybe you have an outlet or a safe haven. It doesn’t even have to be a physical place, it could be a hobby. For me, writing is my outlet. Writing is what makes me feel comfortable and more relaxed. Reading is also a really great way to feed your soul. You learn different things, read certain parts of books that you relate with on levels that other people may not be able to. I know many people draw and express themselves that way. There’s many ways to find yourself.


Point is, you have to find happiness within yourself before trying to be happy with anyone else. When you find that inner peace and you feed your soul with self love and happiness, you’re a better you. Being a better you for yourself makes you feel 10x better for someone else. Answer this.. Are you a happy, soulful, self-loving person, or are you depending on others to do that for you?

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Written by Alicia Williams

I'm a recent high school graduate and I plan on attending college soon. I'm not sure exactly which step I want to take career wise but I know for sure that I want to take Psychology classes. The human mind amazes me and to learn more about it would be a thrill. My writing is never directed towards one thing. It can be a multitude of things that inspire me. I can wake up and see some random object and be inspired enough to write about it. It's really all based on how I'm feeling at that moment in time. I have many social media sites I can be reached on. One is Tumblr, I recently made one solely for my writing. I haven't posted on there yet but here is a link if you're interested in checking it out. poeticstimulation.tumblr.com :)

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Feeding Your Soul