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  1. Original content – The article must not have been published on your company’s site or other places as this will penalize our SEO, making every one else lose.
  2. The content should follow a list format:
    1. Eg. 10 Ways To Manage Yourself During Times of Stress
    2. 10 Ways to Self Care
    3. 10 Ways to Manage Your Depression
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    1. A bit about our readers:
      1. 16-24 High school to college students who are still in school or a bit lost and looking for answers to better improve themselves and those around them. Our audience enjoy learning new psychological information that they can apply to themselves. Studying, relationship advice, and how to deal with certain mental health problems can be very helpful.
      2. Avoid articles that are sales pitch. Getting readers to sign up to a course or program. Avoid articles that are technical in jargon. Avoid articles that have a lot of links embedded. One 2 links to your site or company is allowed.
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