Here are the instructions on how to publish and format your articles.

  1. Step one: Click on the + New button on the top navigation bar above.
  2. Select Post
  3. Write Your Title, caption. Kind of intuitive here.
  4. For the formatting of the article:
    1. Click “Add Media” to input pictures.
      1. Make sure to name your images.
    2. For the headings, choose Heading 2. Highlight the heading, and where it says “Paragraph” under the “Add Media” select “Heading 2.”
  5. For the citations and references, please keep them as APA style.

If you need any help with this, contact us at Suggestions are welcomed.

For tips on how to set up your bio so that other people can know who you are, here are the steps:

=> Setting Up Your Profile (Avatar/Bio)