Infantilistic Spectrum

This was not meant to be posted for the public, but I could find no other way to communicate with the website and it’s hosts. It is fine if it is public, though I would prefer it be used for it’s intended purpose.. t talk to the hosts.

I was looking to collaborate on a topic that affects your primary demographic, that needs more current discussion (as the past in filled with bad science and research), and affects every aspect of those who are impacted by it… that of course being “Infantalism – or more accurately what I call the “Infantalistic Spectrum”.

While I do know there is little data to suggest how many people will be drawn towards this lifestyle, many commonly start down that path anywhere from 4 to 16; with others discovering it later. Because of the poor research that has been done in the past, it is generally assumed that the behavior is sexually deviant in nature, when in truth the majority of people have little or no sexual connection to their varied activities. In truth, the only way to legitimately understand this complex topic is to realize there is a wide spectrum of behaviors… with many people overlapping their varied tendencies and thus can not be placed “in the same box”… when in fact they are exhibiting two different behaviors (or more) that need to identified separately.

The point I want most to make is that it is important to get this information in front of people in your key demographic. We need to eliminate many of the misconceptions that exist because some of them are so harmful that they can actually scar the psyche of those who are new to the world. Those who discover their connection to Infantilism need to know it is okay, and is in no way a negative thing… right now those who first “come out” are often exposed to the ideology that Infantilism is “unacceptable”, “dirty”, “deviant”, and “disgusting” – as is easily seen from each of the previous times the topic was talked about. The tern “Paraphilic Infantilism” is often used as the general definition of this behaviour – however, as the research says; this only applies to the “4” people who the very unscientific research was based upon… and thus was used to justify the behaviors of ALL others who happen to share one trait – the desire to wear diapers.

I am in the process of developing the website www.infantilism.info in order to help elliminate the very harmful misconceptions that exist and to better help those who identify with this lifestyle (and their parents, caregivers, and partners) to have all the info the need to make informed choices about the lifestyle. Something that sadly does not exist currently.

For the more current understanding of this topic, please visit: http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Paraphilic_infantilism There are many things which need to be updated, however, the definition is non-harmful and gives people new to the lifestyle enough into to know that what they are experiencing is not simple, but also not “dirty”. Which sadly, only now is coming to light.

I should mention that I myself have over 20 years of experience with this lifestyle, am an actual certified Genius (so I can see things others miss), and have spent a great deal of my time in this world talking to and learning from others in it. I myself began to identify with diapers when I was 4 or 5 years old.

This really is an important topic as there are many people currently under 35 who came to our world at a time when the worst, hateful definitions that used to be the norm were everywhere. Many were subjected to pedophiles in the various chatrooms as there was a total lack of moderation or concern for others. As a result, many of these people have been damaged by these past situations. Something that will only stop when society as a whole gets the message that who we are and what we are into isn’t deviant, disgusting, or harmful. You could be on the forefront of that… or at least be the primary source for “commentary” on new research results, new discoveries, and new concepts which come as a result of new research – which I can totally help with.

Thank You

Devon K.

PS: This is important to me, if you need me to do something to make it happen (like interview me to talk about my past) I will happily do it. What matters most is to get rid of the social stigma and “deviant” label currently applied to diapers, etc.

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  1. Mixed about feelings when I read something like this. On one hand, yeah, i get it that we all have our individual quirks, most of which, if they are really quirky, we prefer to keep to ourselves. But that makes me wonder… why does someone write a very personal post about their private self in a public forum? The writer seems to be wanting to spread the word about his inner fantasy life…maybe it’s my own introversion, but that’s not something that seems natural to me. (I know — who am I to say what’s natural for someone else? After all, IT”S 2017!)

    The thing is (here we go…), doesn’t it seem that when people want to tell strangers (or even acquaintances…) about their…I don’t know — teir personality quirks? Fantasies? Self-identifying characteristics?….When that happens, some of us get the feeling that…oh, no, here comes an invite to TMI…too much information, a look deeper into another person than we want to be part of. But at a certain point, it becomes PC to be involved, “hatred” not wanting to share the experience

    BUT — even if I told a few friends about private preferences, I don’t feel any need to start a web page or God forbid, a movement. If this was a paper like I used to write for school, I might talk about how traditions take hold or are broken apart and replaced by little things like too much sharing…but I’m thinking of lifestyle snow and how individual preferences are no longer individual, but are forced (strong word, but yes…) into the mainstream…Look who I am, what I do, how I do this or that and what I think about it. It’s a kind of exhibitionism, maybe narcissism, and the next thing you know, what was a mildly interesting story grows into something that MUST be shared, made public, pointed out, explained, demonstrated, taught in schools, written into TV shows, and condoned by all, at risk of not being “open-minded” ifjust not interested. Maybe the old idea of modesty (keeping private things to one’s self, not putting inner lives on display, not forcing others to look, to talk about, to agree upon private matters)…maybe that was a better idea.

    Whew! Didn’t mean to turn this into a dissertation, but what began as curiosity about why the article was written grew into a whole philosophy about modern life. Maybe it would have been better if I had just….kept it to myself.

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Infantilistic Spectrum