It’s about time we set up this page.

Q: I am stuck on getting the psychologist to reply back to me. Is there a way to improve response rate?

Aside from making sure your email pitch to the psychologist is more genuine, that you express real interest in their work, here’s a manual you can refer to:

Interviewing Psychologist Guide

If you’re having a real challenge still, email myself at and I will do my best to help you.

Q: How do I format my articles so they don’t suck?

Interviewing Psychologist Article Formatting Guide

Q: What tone or voice should I aim for?

A casual personal voice using I works. It makes the interview more authentic. Also, we’re aimed at a millennial audience so anything that’s casual and personable is always nice.

A professional academic voice also works too. What matters is that the readers do not get bored, and can get a context on what they are reading and why they should care.

Q: I am worried I will ask the psychologists dumb questions as I’ve seen some of the comments on the other ones criticizing some of the interviews for being too shallow. I would love some guidelines on how to ask better questions.

When you finally get a reply from the psychologist, that’s great news! Means the psychologist sees an interest in sharing themselves or their work with you or Psych2Go. You somehow got their attention so props to that. In terms of making sure you don’t embarrass yourself with questions or get anxious about them, here are ideas.

  1. Ask yourself why you contacted the psychologist in the first place. What was it about their work that inspired you to reach out to them? Hopefully, it’s not cause we asked you to do it.
  2. If you’re a reader, what would you want to know if you get an opportunity to interview the psychologist? What would readers want to know? Think of questions that are deep and would be helpful and can’t be found elsewhere.
  3. You can also post on your social network to help come up with questions for you. We’ve had people making a status update on their Facebook asking people to help think of questions cause they got an interview with so and so and need help with questions related to say “Addiction, depression, or psychopathy” etc. Leverage your network!
  4. Read the comments on some of the other people’s interviews to get ideas how you could make your interview better.
  5. Watch interviews by other sites.

Q: How does payment or compensation work?

As much as we want to provide compensation for everyone, it’s not possible. However, we do have a staff team where we’ve qualified writers who’s doing exceptional jobs. For example, getting consistent interviews a week and lots of readers are getting great value. Our purpose with the interviews really is to help people and really provide information and answers people can’t get else where. You are making a difference, know that.

Q: What do I get out from this?

Aside from making a difference in people’s lives and potentially being paid, you are also building a writing portfolio and personal knowledge. You get to leverage Psych2Go, which has a huge network of 1 + million readers to get a psychologist on board. We hope that with our large readership, our community can benefit from factual knowledge from experts. Lastly, you get to build authentic connections with world class experts.

Q: My writing is not the best. Can I still do interviews on psychologist?

Hmm, depends on how bad. But if you passionate about interviews and learning from experts, go for it. We have editors to polish them up. For writing help, you can also talk to our editors too. Just don’t make them go crazy. Make sure to proof read your emails when you sent them off to psychologists. Sometimes, they might think it’s not legit if it has basic English problems. But of course, feel free to reach out to us and we will help you.

Q: My daughter is currently in high school, but she wants to do interviews for you guys? How can she proceed?

It’s great that you’re a parent who came across our website and really want to share the opportunity with your child, so feel free to get her to fill out this application form: HERE.

Q: I have some personal questions that I want to ask about.

You can contact myself here: or our editor in charge here: