Psych2Go started with the vision of making psychology accessible for everyone. Previously, involved in a psychology journals club at his university, the founder was inspired to bring that forward into an online platform. At Psych2Go, you will find articles that aim to make psychology relevant, engaging and concise. We currently have 100 + writers, 10+ editors and several administrative staff.

Current positions available:

  1. Writers
  2. Editors
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Ad Sales Specialist
  5. Business Developers
  6. Graphics Designers
  7. Administrative Staff


Our writers are generally psychology students from our very own Psych2Go community. We have about one million followers across our social platform. Every semester, we get an influx of new writers wanting to write for us. As a writer, you will pitch us topics relevant to current news and spin them with a psychology angle using theories, concepts or research from classes. You can also write about psychology-related topics that you are personally interested in. Here are more details on the writing guidelines:

Read more about the requirements of submitting a pitch at


Editors are expected to screen out of writers and grade them. Even though Psych2Go has a lot of budding new writers, we need focus on quality as well. As an editor, your role is to grade the writers using our grading scheme.

Social Media Manager

We’re looking for someone who’s active in our Psych2Go community to engage our readers across Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr. If you’re someone who has a keen sense of online interaction, we need someone who’s good at replying back to people. If you think you might be a fit and kinda know what we mean without even us giving you a lot of details here, then definitely give us an email here: You probably will be a fit because for this role, we need someone who’s good at taking initiatives and figuring things out themselves.

Ad Sales Specialist

This is new, but we need someone who’s good at being on the look out for companies that might want to do advertising for us. If you’re into the online advertising space, do let us know. We provide full article adverts, social media promotions, and also video mentions.

Business Developers

We’re always on the look out for a strategic partner who can help us form alliances with other companies or websites.

Graphic Designers

Are you an aspiring graphic designer? If yes, we’re looking to create more visual content for our Psych2Go facts.

Adminstrative Staff.

Do you enjoy managing people online or want a challenge doing so? Join our team and we will immediately put three people under you so you can test your might. We will assign you a task and see how well you get the product out.

For other inquiries, email us at Figure out the rest yourself. I love working with people who are self managed, need little instructions, meet deadlines, do what they say, ambitious, flexible and driven by experienced and a sense for belonging to something impactful! We also have a Facebook Group here with 25K members where you can quickly integrate yourself by asking or commenting on discussions: