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  • Amazing video/videos. This video not only covered all the different areas of negative/pessimistic expression but gave well detailed tips on how to cope with them. They’re also reliable in the most part. Personally I believe that we should never try to aim to eliminate negative thoughts because they will never go away as they are part of us but I…[Read more]

  • The theme of this article is interesting to say the least. As I am reading this I noticed that you tend to write a little too much on one example or one scenario that you may lose the audience. Trust me I’ve been in this scenario and I understand that to you it makes perfect sense what you’re saying especially that you just have so much to write…[Read more]

  • Great article! Everything about this article was well done. I liked the way you open this article about how to really spot a psychopath and questions like how do I tell if a psychopath is targeting me or not? You also did a great job at providing appropriate evidence that ultimately back up your facts. On top of that you also opened my eyes to an…[Read more]

  • Hmm I’m not sure how I feel about this article as it doesn’t really have much to say on each bullet point. What I mean is that a lot of those facts may be true but with information like that I think you could add more information on them. You should also include the research methods that your sources used if their were any. Also, the bullet points…[Read more]

  • Yeah I’ve been a little bothered by this topic for some time because I get this a lot from many people whether they’d proclaim their focus due to music or they naysayers who say otherwise. I do agree with you that it really depends on the person who prefers it or not. Some may study better with it and some wont but in my opinion it really depends…[Read more]

  • Very interesting article I must say. The slogan was very clever especially starting your article like that. I can also tell that based on your research, you know what you’re talking about because everything up until the end matched your title and the catchphrase from the snickers commercial. I also learned a lot from this in terms of what the…[Read more]

  • I don’t think many people understand how serious anxiety can really be. I’ve seen some of the worst cases of anxiety attacks that come from left field and let me tell you its not fair. Not a lot of things are fair in life but the fact that anxiety shows up when certain situations come up, it almost leaves the host defenseless. I’ve seen it wake…[Read more]

  • A few things can be said of this article. One thing I can say is that the title is too vague. it doesn’t really seem like a title that someone else would want to click on out of pure interest. Another thing that I noticed is that most of the work on this article seems to be more evidence over your own words. I do see your points but there seems to…[Read more]

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    I couldn’t have said it better myself. All of the advice and solutions are exactly what a person should aim for if they really cherish their friendship/relationship with another. Reading this article made me think back to an old friend of mine who was a perfect example of y…[Read more]

  • This article is obviously a depressing one, Great article but sad. Death is unavoidable and I like to think of it as a beautiful experience that many should be grateful to go through. What makes it so beautiful is that through death we shall have the answers to one of the most curious questions in the world, where or what happens when we die?…[Read more]

  • Great interview, I feel as though the interview could’ve been longer but other than that the reasons behind every answers seems thoughtful and sounds like they’re coming from good intentions. On another note I like your aim on riding the habit that culture has of knowing a persons sexuality before accepting them because in all aspects its not…[Read more]

  • This article strikes me as interesting mainly because its a very specific topic to talk about but is a topic more and more people are actually facing. To end a relationship with all the good memory’s of the past and the possible good memories of the future can be rough even with anxiety but I also feel after reading this article that if you can go…[Read more]

  • For a while now I’ve never had a word or phrase to describe this phenomenon because it is in fact true. This is actually where I think a lot of the fans we see in conventions and in general, the super fans are the way they are because in some way or another they go through superhero therapy on their own without realizing. I’m guilty for falling…[Read more]

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    Now, not that reading this has changed my opinions on this matter but I do think to some extent that its not entirely acts of sex’s fault that the attitudes people have towards it are the way they are but its also peoples fault for viewing it as som…[Read more]

  • I cant disagree with these facts ha ha, I love it. Although its counterpart extroverts are the more spot lighted figures in this world, I feel as though introverts secretly are the most searched type. I also feel that this article pinpoints introverts in a new way shedding light on the misconceptions of us introverts so I thank you.

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    This is an amazing piece of discovery! Narcissism has been a topic on my mind for years and it only ever interested me once I realized that my friend was and still is a narcissist. Its as if this article opened my eyes to the truth as to why my friend behaved the way…[Read more]

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    As an introvert I cannot deny these facts, and although I believe that introverts are more misunderstood compared to their counterpart I feel that reading this article covers the parts of an introvert that are exactly misunderstood for example introverts p…[Read more]

  • Hmm I’ve never seen it like that. I’m quite shocked that if one person continuously expresses his opinions over and over again it is more likely to be believed by his peers around him which can benefit his popularity. But I like to believe that each and everyone of these facts all contribute to the ego really. Its almost as if, if one has a better…[Read more]

  • The thought of imagining or just seeing someone lose so much weight on the account for their self image is very sad to look at because its almost like your’e watching someone lose an inch of their life away pound after pound. I remember Karen Carpenter who suffered from anorexia nervosa and eventually died from this. She was very talented and just…[Read more]

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