Psych2Go started with the mission of making psychology accessible for everyone. As a tumblr blog started in 2015, Psych2Go featured concise psychology factoids. These factoids you see here:

Flow is when you are fully immersed in a task, usually found in self-actualized individuals.
The reasons we procrastinate are because of either fear, uncertainty or being a perfectionist.

In the span of 1 year, we grew to 500, 000 followers due to it’s shareability, and fans spreading words about us.

Near the end 2015, we noticed that people wanted sources and supplementary readings to the factoids . Hence, we started a website, the one you are reading on right now, that lets our readers research, write and mentored on putting together an article that covers the factoids.

The articles followed a specific format:

-Introducing the factoid

-Identifying and summarizing the research method(s)

-Identifying 2-3 limitations

-A question for the reader to think about.

You can still find our writing guideline: HERE Hence, if you’re interested, feel free to apply. With the goal of the writing platform, we also hoped to accomplished the following three:

  1. Provide writing and internship experience for our writers.
  2. Provide a platform where writers can voice and build up a writing portfolio. Useful if you’re a journalism student or if you’re trying to get into psychology programs.
  3. Mentorship. Psych2Go, funded university experienced writers to mentor high school writers.

However, the last part was cancelled in it’s two months in due to a lack of financial business model. It was not sustainable for the company to pay mentors.

Instead, we moved towards a crowdsourcing model with over 2000 writers applying.

We had over 1000 published articles within a 3 month time frame. But again, due to financing issues, it made no financial return for Psych2Go to sustain such an initiative.

Hence, we stopped that and moved towards Youtube.

We strayed a long way.

But with 2017, coming around, our goal is to rebuild our crowdsourcing platform, invite writers to write with us again and hopefully gain the attention of other media outlets.

By the end of 2017, we want to have over 10, 000 published articles, more traffic and more funding to sustain our writing initiatives.

We want to continue providing content that help improves people’s lives using psychology.

Currently, we have a list of 100 topics our team are working on.

If you’ve been a reader or long time fan of Psych2Go, we hope you continue to find our articles helpful.

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