Administrative Team: 


Christina Tran
Senior Administrator and Senior Staff Writer        
Educational Background:
Current Student: B.A. in Applied Psychology, emphasis in Business Psychology    

Additional Employment:
Administrative Assistant at West Coast Surrogacy & Egg Donation, Inc. 

Location: California, USA

Christina is sweet like an overpriced cupcake from Sprinkles Beverly Hills, ambitious enough to chase after her endless list of aspirations and maybe a little too reflective for her own good. This California native is a self-categorized ambivert who happens to be extremely dorky and passionate at the same time.

Aside from her commitment with Psych2go, this Myers-Briggs ENTJ personality works at a Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency. She is honored to play a part in aiding single individuals, couples dealing with infertility and homosexual duos for fill their dream of having a child. She finds this role incredibly emotionally rewarding and an admirable industry that is filled with a bundle of: compassion, open-mindedness and selflessness.

With her writing, she hopes to spread the knowledge that she has acquired through numerous psychology university courses, academic research, and her own observation of the psychological aspect of mankind. She aims to specialize her writing mainly in the realm of social psychology.

You can contact Christina at:

You can read what she’s written so far here.


Rachel Keith
Educational Background: 
Graduate: B.S. in Psychology
Current Graduate Student: Doctorate in Neuroscience
Additional Employment: 
University Graduate Research Assistant at Krasnow Institute
Location: Virginia, USA 

Rachel currently works as a Research Assistant in a lab at her university, studying learning and memory in development. She is most interested in how changes in neurochemistry can affect the nervous system and then, subsequently, the effects on the mind, as in disorders. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing video games (like Overwatch!).


Shomron Diolola
Educational Background: B.S. in Psychology, San Pedro College
Current Graduate Studies: M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Ateneo de Davao University
Additional Employment: Human Resource Generalist at Davao Doctors College

Shomron never really intended to take up Psychology as his Bachelor’s Degree but he eventually learned to love it because of Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Biopsychology. He got his license as a Psychometrician back in 2015. He’s currently studying Clinical Psychology and is planning to soon introduce Animal-Assisted Therapy in his local. In his free time, he is working on improving his writing to make his dream of completing a novel a reality. He is also religiously devoted to football (soccer) and Pokémon.

You can contact Shomron at:



Jessie Lewis
Educational Background:
Current Student: B.S. in Psychology, Emphasis in Mental Health
Additional Employment: 
Psychiatric Nursing Assistant at Virginia DBHDS 
Location: Virginia, USA                                            

Jessie Lewis plans to eventually go on to complete her terminal M.S. in Clinical Psychology and practice with her LPC in an inpatient setting.

You can contact Jessie at:


Maddie Connell
Educational Background:
Current Student-Veterinary Technology at Purdue University 
Additional Employment:
Kennel Technician at Kitty Angel Rescue 

Abnormal Psychology is what fascinates this quiet (yet bubbly), kind-hearted and intelligent individual. Her interest in psychology originated from having numerous friends and family with mental illnesses. In her free time, she enjoys: nature, walks, hikes, crocheting, running and playing with her six pets (soon to have chickens and goats!).

You can contact Maddie at:


Michelle Gaston
Administrator & Staff Writer

Educational Background:
Graduate: B.A. in Psychology
Current student: M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Location: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Michelle resides in Puerto Rico, a tiny tropical island in the Caribbean. Her goal is to become a Counseling Psychologist who is specialized in trans-personal psychology. Mental illness is her passion; she has suffered from clinical depression and anxiety, with brief episodes of derealization. This is why she is fighting to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Through her articles, she will aim to inform and teach the public about psychology and mental illnesses.

You can contact Michelle at:


Xandra Lahr
Educational Background: Graduate: B.A. in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz
Additional Employment: Residential Skills Coach at Summitview Child and Family services (a treatment facility for teens with mental disorders) and Behavioral Technician (ABA paraprofessional) at Montessori Autism Programs and Services
Location: California, USA

Xandra has always been fascinated by people and has had a knack for understanding others since she was young. As a cancer survivor who faced unimaginable emotional isolation and mortality at the age of 19, she grew into a compassionate and empathetic person who is grateful for every day that she is alive. She enjoys working with teenagers and is very interested in social psychology, sociology, social justice, activism, politics, intersectional feminism, and health/medicine. She is planning on getting a M.A. in Social Work/Welfare from UC Berkeley (hopefully!) and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to do therapy in a medical setting, possibly with other stem cell transplant patients because she went through it herself. Xandra enjoys surrounding herself with artsy stuff and likes to color, read, doodle Zentangles, try new food and coffee shops, cook, play with her new puppy, and play video games in her free time.

Human Resources Team


Human Resources
Educational Background:
University of Birmingham
Current Student: MSci in Psychology and Psychological Research
Location: London, United Kingdoms

Imogen loves psychology, music and general discussions online. She is very into piercings and tattoos! She originally joined Psych2go’s HR team because she really liked the site and its vision of making psychology accessible to all.

Staff Writing Team


Adolph Delgado
Staff Writer
Educational Background:
Graduate: B.A. in Psychology
Graduate: M.S. in Health and Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health Promotion
Additional Employment:
Senior Programmatic Office at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation
Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Previously, Adolph was a Research Consultant for Pearson’s Research & Innovations Network, spearheading research projects regarding the effects of rapid feedback on standardized testing. His current research focuses primarily on evaluating moderating factors that reduce the behaviors associated with the acquisition and transmission of STIs and HIV among at-risk populations.

You can contact Adolph at:


Lynn Tran
Staff Writer
Educational Background:
Graduate: B.A. Psychology
Additional Employment: Professional Certified Massage Therapist
Location: California, United States

During her undergraduate education, Lynn was a Research Assistant in a psychobiology lab studying addiction. She believes so strongly in the importance of bringing awareness to psychobiology and its role in our holisitc health that, despite her shy disposition, she hosted a workshop titled “The Psychology of Addiction” at the University of California, Irvine’s Mental Health Conference. However, she has many other interests and passions outside of psychology and psychobiology, including nutrition, biomechanics, wellness, fitness, and mindfulness. She is intrigued by the connection between physiology and its effect on cognitive processes, constantly striving to uncover the intricate links between mind and body. Lynn welcomes any and all discussions to further her knowledge.

You can contact Lynn at: