The Zodiac: Is It Dangerous?

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Are you a bit of a hot head? No, of course not! Not unless you’re an Aries! Like so many people today, a guilty pleasure you may have is tracking your own Zodiac sign. I know I certainly did this to pass the time as a kid and have recently fallen back into doing so with the current Zodiac meme spike on Tumblr and other interweb forums. Even though as a meme, these posts are meant to be hilarious and slightly sarcastic (I.E. “What Nicolas Cage character is your sign?”) a lot of people still can’t help but reblog and proclaim “Gemini is so me!” within their tag. It’s definitely harmless fun and the validity of those who see similarities between their signs and their own personal selves most likely has a psychological element behind it.

There are still people out there who take the Zodiac seriously, even when it comes to advice about the future. One bad Zodiac reading for a believer might cause them to act in a certain manner that might be contrary to what they would have done weren’t it not for their reading. However, a study conducted at both John Hopkins University and the University of South Carolina concluded that, “…an unfavorable fateful prediction subsequently increases the likelihood of choosing indulgent over virtuous options only for consumers who believed their fate is malleable.” (2013). Thus, they didn’t even attempt to solve their bad fate even when they believed it was preventable.

Then what is the point of it all? Do they not actually believe in their sign or are they actually endangering themselves by reading their fate, behaving impulsively on the fact that fate is their own doing? The study seems to suggest, although not too seriously, that it might provide a bit of a bad habit. However, I am more inclined to believe that it is just a bit of fun, belief or no belief. Personally, every post I read about Leo is eerily on point with who I am and I find that spooky and entertaining all at the same time. I have a good laugh about it. On the other hand, I know of others who look at their sign, shrug and have a good laugh at how unlike their Astrological symbol they are.

It’s similar to why we continually retake the Myers Briggs test or BuzzFeed quizzes. Yeah, maybe there’s an element of truth behind it, maybe not, but everyone likes to see themselves categorized. There’s an element of relief when you can tell how friendly a person is by their Hufflepuff House scarf and how much you can relate to your fellow INFJs. As humans, we enjoy being part of groups that label us easily as who we are. Sure, stereotypes are bad, but that doesn’t stop people from loving and obsessing over them. It provides comfort for a lot of people to know that their personality is validated through their similarities to others. Plus, it’s also just a lot of fun.

What do you think about your Zodiac sign? How do you relate to it?

Kim, H., Kulow, K., & Kramer, T. (n.d.). The Interactive Effect of Beliefs in Malleable Fate and Fateful Predictions on Choice. Journal of Consumer Research, 1139-1148.

You can also read this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/horoscopes-bad-for-you-say-scientists-warning-obsession-with-starsigns-can-cause-indulgent-and-impulsive-behaviour-9003665.html

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The Zodiac: Is It Dangerous?