Do you know your core values? Your identity is closely linked to the images, words, and beliefs you hold about the world. If you feel like you don’t have an identity, or like you’ve lost your identity, it’s important to get it back. No one else will be able to tell you who you are, or what you believe in. You’ll feel more confident knowing yourself, and will find new ways to believe in yourself. And through this quiz you’ll have one word to remind you of your true self!


  1. I got determination as the one word which drives me which is c true. I have always believed that destiny can be altered by hard work and determination pays off in the end

  2. I’m Truth.
    You stand for truth and honesty. Your integrity will get you far in life, and will provide you with many advantages. In relationships you’ll never have your honour questioned. In work you’ll be praised for you ability to connect with people honestly. Truth is your word because it holds the values you care about most: respect, love, and connection with others.

    A little spot on. I think integrity is really important and I value respect, love and connection with others.

  3. In the quiz, i got determination. Wow. Big word for a tiny human being like me. This article reminded me of the question of Santa to Jack Frost in the movie Rise of the Guardians. “What is your center?” This question helps you to reflect what drives you to go on with your life and what makes you tick. Having that one word to hold on to is an advantage. It serves as your “north star”, that points me into my desired outcome for my life.


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