Introversion is a term that can be used to refer to many different personality types. While most of us understand it as wanting or needing to be alone, it doesn’t always look like someone cuddled under their blankets while the rest of their friends are partying it up. Introversion can be people who don’t have a large circle of friends, and instead prefer to have a few close buddies. It can also be people who like to spend time with others, but don’t like to be the centre of attention. It can also just be those folks who like date nights in instead of out and about, cherishing together time with those closest to them. Take this quiz to find out what type of introvert you are, and get to know you and your internal needs a little bit better.


  1. the quiz placed me as a thinker introvert though more than not want to share or opening up at least for me is not as much a matter of thoughts being my own something secret is just I do not think others would be onterested in what’s inside my mind and I do not usually share unless asked… this far no one ever cared to stop and ask so I just go on…

  2. This is kinda spot on. I’m a Restrained Introvert. I enjoy the company of other people but only in moderation. I like to have really close friends as opposed to having too many friends that are more of acquaintances. Quality over quantity I always say.

  3. It’s interesting to know what kind of an introvert I am from just a few questions. I’m a restrained introvert and all I can say is that I really can relate to the description. Quizzes like these makes me realize what I need to improve on.

  4. I’m a restrained introvert and I agree with that that is so accurate, I always new that I was not Antisocial like some family members pointed out I’m normal to my standards and I would not change that, I’m happy the way I am

  5. While I agree with Fallon in that this quiz was not as obvious (or even vilifying) as most introvert quizzes are, I thought that it definitely used some stereotypical subjects in the questions. Some of the answers were rather predictable, which ruined the experience. For me, this felt much like any other “Introvert vs. Extrovert – which one are you?” type of quiz, and didn’t bring much new to the table.


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