What’s Your True Mental Age?

Have you ever wondered what your real age is? In psychology, there’s a term called mental age. This refers to your cognitive reasoning or way of thinking if you will (separate from your chronological/actual calendar age.)

Here, we’ve designed 10 questions that might help us solve this. Note that they are not empirically determined so don’t take the answers seriously.


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  1. biologically i’m 23 and mentally… well, i got 55, dunno what to say, haha.
    is there anything to be noted if one got almost double of their biological age? i’m really curious about the construct that are being used to detects mental age. cool test anyway, some of the statements hit me just right.

  2. Real age 42. Mental age 36.
    Totally okay with the result. Never felt the average 42, but experienced enough about life issues. Wild years behind, that’s right. But still not that wise. Still dealing with Life and trying to make the best of it. Enjoying it at its best and trying not to worry to much. Mostly grateful so far.
    So yeah, 36 so fine! Thank you!

  3. Real age 17, mental age 27. I did expect it to be around that number. Yes, I am still up for fun, I should be at this age. Yes, I know the future is now, but I am just a little bit concerned about it. I still don’t fully know what the future will bring, or how it’ll look like for me. Mostly social problems are what really drive me crazy, and in 90% of the time I think too much about them, until I get that I’m not the trigger of them.
    This is what is the main core of my concerns for the future is. Not realizing that some problems aren’t caused by me and this leading to unnecessary pressure.

  4. real age 16, mental age 48… well i know my thoughts are kinda radical sometimes and my reactions to stuff are very different from others, but i didnt expect my “true mental age” to be that high

  5. I have obtained more than 10 years of difference with my biological age. I agree with the previous comment … I think we all want to be considered as a referent, someone to go for answers, someone with experience; However I think we should also question whether getting there so soon was worth it or we are missing out on experiencing other things ….

  6. Who doesn’t want to know their true “mental age”? Either we want to be older or we want to be younger or we think we’re “getting up there” too fast or staying a kid too long…. We want to be “what’s right” and “where we ought to be,” but not too much…gotta keep the individuality going. And being a bit past the millennial stage myself…well, that adds a whole new dimension to the wondering and worrying. So was I satisfied with the results?

    Yeah, I’m satisfied. I ended up with a number happily some years younger than the chronological one, which is cool. But still, high enough (old enough?) that it shows I’m not still as dopey and dreamy as I sometimes fear. (Lots of “I’s” in here…have to watch that.)

    Anyway, who doesn’t want to be considered experienced, a person-of-the-world, one who has been through some stuff and come out the other side not too tarnished and with some wisdom under her belt? And the part about still having lots of thoughts and ideas (paraphrase) to be explored — That’s pretty much why I’m here on the page and taking the quiz in the first place.

    Good quiz. Good way to face the facts about yourself — maybe most you knew or thought you knew, but wanted to be assured of. This looks like a fun site…nice way for an introvert to spend a Friday night (well, the description DID say “Your wild years are behind you.” Got that right. Most of the time.)

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