Have you ever wondered what your real age is? In psychology, there’s a term called mental age. This refers to your cognitive reasoning or way of thinking if you will (separate from your chronological/actual calendar age.)

Here, we’ve designed 10 questions that might help us solve this. Note that they are not empirically determined so don’t take the answers seriously.



  1. This is a joke! Not forgetting that this wasn’t going to be 100% spot on but, was curious and thought why not? So, not being real impressed after reading the “mental age” & “reasons why” I was given , I was backing out of your site and noticed that all of the boxes were different that what I had checked off? You might want to check it out, it could affect your calculations…..

  2. im 13 and I got 48 and it does fit quite well but it says I don’t panic or get too anxious which is a big lie but either way the quiz never said it would be 100% spot on

  3. lol, I am 27 and I got that my mental age is 27. But the description for it fits perfectly with where I stand at in my life at this point. I was worried that I would get like 65 or something or 40. Since I am OCD I accept this wonderfully as it is like a perfectly centered answer, well balanced. The downside of this quiz is that there are not enough questions, which probably would have made for a much more accurate answer.

  4. Yes its true though. M 50 years old but my mental thoughts are like young full of energy and fun .the above state ment is correct . thanks for making me so young

    Sanjay bathia


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