Why Solitude Matters.

Believe it or not needing some time to yourself is a perfectly normal response to the stress of life. Allow me to tell you how, and why solitude is healthy. 


When people think of this word they often associate it with negative qualities such as being lonely, or isolating yourself from the outside world. Many people get it confused with being the same thing as loneliness, but this isn’t the case. The current perception of solitude has been warped a little by the word being interchanged with the definition of loneliness.

Solitude is a positive feeling. It is defined as a state of seclusion, or just a lack of contact with people and society as a whole; meaning to have no other company apart your own. This secluded state is one of being alone without feeling or being lonely.

Loneliness, on the other hand, is often seen as the same thing as solitude but this isn’t the case. Loneliness is an extremely powerful negative feeling marked by a sense of total isolation and being cut off from the social aspects of daily life.

The want and perhaps need for solitude, however, is not due to any form loneliness.  A desire to be alone for a while is to be in your own company without a feeling of detachment or withdrawal in order to spend time with your thoughts in peace.
Solitude, unlike loneliness, is something you choose to be a part of. It is a time for comfort, reflection, relaxation, and to regain a sense of peace that can often be lost in the day to day chaos of modern day life.

Some of the benefits of spending time in solitude are:

  1. Giving yourself time to think over decisions and to plan for the future.
  2. Taking a break from the busyness of every-day life.
  3. Allowing time to relax and take some time to catch up on the latest movies, or games, or books.
  4. Allowing you to contemplate matters important to you, even reflect on your life.
  5. It gives time for you to clear your thoughts, preventing as much stress from building up, as well as
  6. helping to prevent some of the health issues that come with a leading stress-filled life such as a high
  7. blood pressure, heart palpitations, lethargy, etc.
  8. It spurs on creativity and makes it much easier for some people to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

And so, in conclusion solitude is a wonderful way to unwind and relax, and it can be found in many ways, such as taking a long walk by yourself, reading a good book, allowing your creativity to shine, or exercising your body and mind doing what makes you happiest. Although sometimes doing nothing by yourself can be just as wonderful.

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Written by Robin Adkin

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Hi, im Robin. As of right now my life is a little hectic, uni coming up and what not, but I hope to contribute to the amazing community of Psych2Go soon!

I am currently studying film, English literature and English language, and will soon be going on to study creative writing.

I absolutely love reading many fantasy novels such as Seraphina, The Hobbit and many more, as well as writing short stories of my own on Wattpad. Hopefully I can bring my novel concepts into reality!

Currently I work at a charity shop as a store assistant, keeping the place tidy and organised essentially as well as tending to any customers in need of help, I also have a small job writing scripts for Psych2Go videos.

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