This quiz has got quite a number of questions, but that is what we need to determine which of the 9 types of intelligence is probably your strongest feature! The outcome of this quiz does not mean that you are not good at the other 8 types, it just shows you which is probably your strongest feature. It’s important to be honest in this quiz (so do not pretend to be more proficient at something than you are). No-one will be able to see your answers other than yourself. Some questions might seem alike, but those are there to account for different interpretations of the question.

Tick “true” or “false” / “A” or “B” according to your personal preference:

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So what was your result? Did you expect it? Does it match your personality?

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Discussion questions Gardner’s 9 Types:
– Do you think people with a certain personality type will be more likely to get a certain intelligence type?
– Introverted people can still have a very high intra-personal intelligence. Agree/Disagree. Why?
– Do you think it is possible to be approximately equally good at all of these? or do you think scoring high on one could impair your score on another type? (e.g. if you score very high on logical-mathematical (which links up with liking clear illustration of data), you’ll be less likely to score high on existential (liking thinking about abstract concepts).

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