Recently we published an article outlining the differences between emotional and rational introverts and extroverts. We’ve been getting questions from our readers who want to find out where they fall on the scale. So, without any further discussion, we created a quiz to help you find out! How you feel about these pictures will divulge your deepest sense of self. And we’ll be able to tell if you’re an emotional introvert, emotional extrovert, rational introvert, or a rational extrovert. Go ahead… Take the quiz and find out!


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Emotional and Rational Introverts and Extroverts: THE QUIZ I'm %%personality%%


  1. WAAAAAAY off. I am the farthest thing from an Extrovert. When I say that I’d rather walk on a path and crowded buses makes me angry, how does that make me an extrovert?

  2. Rational introvert – it was spot on! Accurate plus I liked the questions. Quite different from your other quizzes šŸ™‚

  3. Rational Extrovert, unfortunately I disagree. While I can be rational… sometimes, there’s nearly nothing about me that’s extroverted beyond my ability to entertain my friends for a limited time and even then I will tire of any social interactions beyond those with my closest and dearest. Sorry guys, this one isn’t the most wholly accurate I think >.<

    • We recognize that as well. A lot of people have been saying the quiz is not as accurate as the other ones. We speculate it has to do with the choices for answers being images instead of the usual text.

  4. This is totally opposite of who I am. I am an Introvert but your quiz said I’m an Emotional Extravert and totally untrue!

  5. Your quiz says am rationally introvert! Whatever!!!! But, it says I don’t believe in my intuitions and it always go wrong!!!Hello! What do you mean? You’ve said the exact opposite! And please improve your website

    • Thanks for the comment. We will keep that in mind. This quiz may not have been the best as it relied on picking images to come at a result. We will see what we can do differently. Stay tune. šŸ™‚


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