What Colour is Your Personality?

Colours have a huge impact on us as we go about our lives. They have the ability to make us happy, sad, comforted, and scared. In this way they have a lot of power over us and how we move about in the world. Colours can also correlate to our personalities, and tell us about who we are as people. This quiz will help you find out what colour your personality is. Use this information to understand how people see you in the world, and to find out how you affect people!

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My name is Ariel and I help create quizzes for Psych2Go. I am passionate about psychology, screen writing, and the human mind interests me.

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  1. This was a bit of a difficult quiz, mainly because there were lots of questions where one doesn’t really have an answer, mainly because there is no option to identify with. The “ideal career” and “famous person as sibling” questions were especially so. Perhaps avoid those kind of topics in the future?

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What Colour is Your Personality?