One of the earliest known personality theories is the ‘Bodily Humors Theory’ by Claudius Galenus. He lived from 129 AD until approximately 200-216 AD. His way of thinking was primarily influenced by humorism, which was Hippocrates’  theory that the human body was filled with 4 bodily fluids, collectively called humors. Those four were blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Any excess or deficit of one of these four fluids was thought to have influences on someone’s physical or psychological well-being. What was new was that Galenus linked these fluids to combinations of four base-qualities, warm, cold, dry and moist,  which in turn were thought to have an influence on your temperament characteristics. Which temperament are you?
Take the quiz below and find out!

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  1. According to the bodily humors theory, people with a phlegmatic temprament are more thoughtful and cautious. They like to think – a lot – and try to figure out the reason behind why things happen the way they do. They have enormous amounts of patience with others, but this can also tip over into a less active attitude. They have a complex inner life, and are usually quite calm. They are more constistent and trustworthy, and make faithful friends. They have a great potential to enjoy other’s happiness as if it was their own. I tried this quiz with both my astrological signs and the outcome was the same. Nice!


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